Why You Don’t Need to Be Exceptional

Summary of the Video

The documentary video speaks about the core of being extraordinarily exceptional. As we grow up in the realms of robust legitimacy as a child, one question that rings in our ear is: “Have you achieved a balanced space during your childhood, or have you reached the peak of wanting to be extraordinary?” Being extraordinary would mean, earning a spot that you deserve in this earthly life.  Switching the given question into an easier one, the question would be: “Are you more relaxed with your current status at present?” The word status in this question would mean if you are in preference to being an overachiever, or being a mediocre?

Believe it or not, 20% of the compositions of humans in this world are more relatively to perceive themselves to be not at par in achieving the best possible version of themselves. Some perceive themselves as losers because they believe that they are not good enough. In the realms of the school, the learner may be vivid in working hard to comply with the required school work, but little did the teacher know that the child is compelled to do his or her best in order to make it to the top of the class. Being at the top is the child’s response of being extraordinarily exceptional among others. In addition, the learner may get a mere passing mark in an activity or exam at times, but this does not stop him or her in pushing the limits to achieve exceptionality.  

The need to be exceptional originates from childhood. Parents by nature, view their child to be special based on their intelligence, looks and innate abilities to converse and relate with others. This special treatment given by the child’s parents, leads him or her with a floundering sense of attaining

Exceptionality. Due to the environmental pressures bestowed on the child to be exceptional, it is depicted that every parent sheds secret tears out of the inner pain felt, seeing that their own child needs to respond to such pressures because this might disrupt the child’s fresh positive view of life. Little did the parents know that the child is self-motivated, to reach the finish line of exceptionality, so as to create an image of being a great achiever for the welfare of the parents attainment of successful parenthood. Tears may fall, hardships may come, the battle may not be easy, but because of the overflowing willingness of the child to be exceptional, he or she is committed to give it a shot at a very young age.

In the world that we live in, we commonly equate achievement with the influential and successful people in society. People, who write books, create high-end skyscrapers, make headlines in the newspaper because of their achievements, and may end up being the individuals who suffer a mental illness, because of their innate driving force to be always on top and to always be extraordinarily exceptional in the long run. On the other hand, people who may not be that successful in life, and who settles for what is just available, are most of the time comfortably living in a mediocre life. But on the emotional aspect of personhood, these people are considered the superstars, the aristocrats and the captains of their own ordinary life stories.

In relevance to the aspect of human psychology, the world can be divided into two equal parts. The first half is composed of ordinary and privileged people; while on the contrary, the second half of it would be the damned and remarkable people. Overachievement and too much exceptionality have its downfalls. Respectively, in the length of their lifetime, they may end up to be greatly bombarded with anxiety and depression that resorts to being clumped in their own beds, and eventually, leads them to a mental breakdown. A mental breakdown is the greatest result of forcing the two sides of the brain to abruptly focus, absorb and consume self-understanding, growth, and self-development. As a result, the individual heads on to jumpstart an inevitable ill state in the long run.

Apparently, the mentally ill individual resorts to the destruction of the building blocks that were gathered in the previous careers that he or she has thrived before. Because of this personal occurrence, the individual results in the trimming down of workload during regular workdays, and as a result, throwing out the general expectations of the society that we live in.  In general, the society, as a huge expectant from singly all of us, lacks not only in the individual’s level but also in a collective level, an inspiring image of ordinarily good enough lives. It is for the reason that overly exceptional people view ordinary people as losers. Sadly, those who work for the bare minimum alone are an eyesore to the overly exceptional society and as a result, the inner peace, calmness and serenity of the ordinary and good enough individuals are affected as well.

In addition, the central tendency of an individual to become exceptional can be depicted in prophetic wisdom, as he or she is omnisciently present in society. According to Montaigne who wrote three editions of his books before his death that focuses on the reality of an overly exceptional society he emphasized the two following points:

1.  First and foremost: “Storming a breach, conducting an embassy, ruling a nation are glittering deeds.”

2.  Secondly: “Rebuking, laughing, buying, selling, loving, hating and living together gently and justly with your household and with yourself, not getting slack nor belying yourself is something more remarkable, rarer and more difficult.”

3.  Third: “Whatever people may say, such secluded lives sustain in that way, duties which are at least as hard and as tense as those of other lives.”

On the other hand, a famous Dutch artist, in the person of Johannes Vermeer, painted an artwork entitled: “The Little Street”. The painting is a depiction of how continuously our values system is challenged up to the present, all around the world. In addition, the painting is a simpler definition of success, wherein a mother spends a quiet afternoon attending to their children.

In addition, other renowned works, publications and compositions that dealt heavily on the society’s aim for a world of overachievement, attainment of exceptionality and being extraordinary was pointed out by other renowned people in their respective fields such as Chekhov’s stories, Raymond Carver’s stories, Bob Dylan’s song entitled: “Time Out of Mind, Thomas Jones’ authored work entitled: “Study of a Wall in Naples, an in the film produced by Eric Rohmer entitled: “Le Rayon Vert”.

On the other hand, movies, articles and advertisements have a different take on this aspect of society in which they jointly pushed the necessity of attaining and doing such which are: owning a sports car, having a vacation on tropical islands, attaining fame, obtaining an exalted destiny, booking a first-class accommodation in an airline flight, and being very busy. The above mentioned attractions presented may be perfectly real, but the cumulative effect of which is directed to instilling in us individually that our lives must be close to worthless.

Yet on the contrary, there must be immense joy, skill, and nobility involved with whatever we try to achieve as individuals. These immense values must be instilled in the early stages of the child, in working out differences in a decade of marriage, in keeping a home with reasonable order and being in a serene mood while sleeping at night, by doing a job cheerfully, by listening to other people, and most importantly, by not being involved in madness, fear and rage in the entire paradox of being alive. In return, if we apply these practices in our daily lifestyle, it is only then that we get to appreciate and see the simple treasures of life such as love, friendship in vulnerability, care, concern and support that we generate from other people, thus living life without always the need to be exceptional just for the sake of impressing other people.

A Commentary on the Video

The video is both a cascade of information and a threshold of influence. It is a cascade of information because the speaker, as well as the content of the video, has a fresher take on things that involves exceptionality in the arduous society that we live in. On the other hand, it is a threshold of influence, because the video impacts its viewers to live life by being just basically good and simple, and in that, a less complicated world can be developed in the long run. The people watching this video will be in agreement because the content of the video is an urgent call to change the way we perceive ordinary people, in respect to what they believe in.

On the other hand, the people will be in disagreement while watching the video, in the premise of practicing prejudice while facing the reality of life and society that indeed, some people equate our success with what we have achieved, performed and attained as an individual. Some points to consider while watching this video is the gap between the overachiever and mediocre individual, the eradication of too much criticism in the eyes of society for its ordinary people, and an equanimous eye that views the pro’s and cons’ of exceptionality.

 Other Relevant Information that can be Added in Relevance to the Video’s Content

Being exceptional has its pros and cons. An individual can create a balance of both sides if he or she understands the need to be exceptional and foregoes the excess demand of being exceptional. In addition to the given content of the video, here are the 10 strategies on how to achieve exceptionality, on the basis of relevant articles as follows:

1.  Decide solely for the betterment of yourself.

2.  Always remember that your presence matters.

3.  Change your perspective and outlook with life.

4.  Free yourself from negativity and stress.

5.  Stop taking it all so seriously when it comes to life concerns.

6.  Let today be your day. Show a precious ownership per day that comes in your life.

7.  Look out for your best interests that will allow you to be motivated in an in-depth manner.  

8.  Bring peace within yourself. It will lead you to be serene and tranquil in facing life.

9.  Direct your thoughts to positivity all the time.

10. Shake it off when you are amidst a negative situation in life.

11.Take control where you can on the basis of wanting to live an exceptional life.