What is the Secret of Happiness?

A Summary of the Video

remains to be happy as she continues to live life happily despite the use of a mobility aid in walking and going to different places daily. Aside from MCPP and HNPP, beforehand, Jessica was also deaf and partially visually impaired, but this does not hinder her to achieve true happiness, just like other individuals in this world would want to attain, despite the obstacles and challenges that she faces in her life. 

Because of this context, the producers of the YouTube video, went around Iceland, specifically in Brighton Pier and asked a few people around to answer one question which is: “What makes them happy?” The responses of the correspondents were varied as follows: Financial stability, a brand new Cardigan, money, icicle, a professional bike, jazz, business, travelling around the world, buying a house, a bag, a car and a plane. But literally in this world, we have little things that are present yet are not seen by the human naked eye, that makes us truly happy and this is the thrust of this video that aims all of its viewers to appreciate the in-depth meaning of happiness. 

It is by nature that humans have the right to be happy. Taking selfies and photos with the use of the camera and material wealth, these may make people happy but too much of it may cause a life imbalance which makes people in the long run miserable. Tracing back in Ancient Greek History, Aristotle defined happiness as a state of “Eudaimonia”, which is defined as an achievement of a happy life that is centered on doing things and acts that are virtuous and for the common good.  On the other hand, Bestoex believed that happiness is achieved by not expecting very much. A transition on happiness’ definition twisted in the 20th century, as this has already circulated on how we feel and not on what we do. In the field of Chemistry, an intake of amphetamines for example or other relatively happy pills and antidepressants by the human individual, is an aid to being happy. On the other hand, the Icelet Survivor in the person of Victor Frankle believed that  happiness is served by selfless acts. The more that an individual pursues happiness, the more likely it will come to you. Thus, happiness is something that we will find directly coming to us even if we do not search for it. 

As a person suffering from health problems, that at times, causes her to be brought down, Jessica shares her own bowl of 7 secrets that makes her reach the optimum meaning of happiness. 

The first secret to happiness is connection. According to Jessica, human connection is the most fulfilling connection that we can achieve as we continue to live in this world. Humans as we are, we are social beings by nature. And this nature influences us to be more motivated in creating friendships, partnerships and relationships that are mutual with the people around us. 

The second secret to happiness is appreciation. According to Jessica, her chronic illnesses did not resort for her to give up on life. She may end up in a hospital in some inevitable days because of excruciating pain, but her point of view in life is that it is something that happened in the past, but not today. This in perspective would mean that she appreciates her life all the more daily by being gifted another day to live and by being blessed to continue with her earthly journey. She believes that there are a lot of things to celebrate in life and that nothing should hinder us from doing such. 

The third secret to happiness is Acceptance. According to Jessica, accepting her limitations leads her to work only in her life in a nutshell of framework. If an individual fully accepts his or her limitations, and works on his or her own pace and not on what others expect, it is only then that he or she can achieve maximal happiness. 

The fourth secret to happiness is Small Pleasures. Jessica believes that happiness may come in a rush but definitely, the small little things that we do is already encapsulated with happiness such as taking a bath, eating a bar of chocolate, wearing your comfortable night gown or robe, enjoying a delicious meal or even playing fetch with your dog are already forms of happiness. 

The fifth secret to happiness is Love.  According to Jessica, love is not defined and symbolized through a ring, a marriage or a flower perhaps. It is not obvious and showy. A mere testament of showing to a person that you care for him or her and that you are on his or her side to support him or her all the way, are two enough initiatives to show your love for that specific individual. 

The sixth secret to happiness is Growth. According to Jessica, achieving one’s personal interests and learning a skill is already nourishing for her to achieve happiness. For example, her love for painting gives her relaxation and rejuvenation. This in the long run, gives her an arena to be fully motivated to go on with life with a sense of maximal growth day by day. 

The seventh secret to happiness is Modest Aspirations. According to Jessica, her wife and lifetime partner Claudia, gives her innermost happiness. Thus, spending a day on the beach while walking their two dogs together and experiencing the blissful view of the sunset with her wife is already her modest aspirations and forms of happiness. 

In conclusion, Jessica shares that we may have our own set of strange ideas of happiness but accepting and appreciating the little things may lead each and everyone of us to be happy. She believes that health is happiness because it is one of our utmost priorities in life. If individuals would learn to deal with problems positively, accept misfortunes and embrace what we are missing, then it is only when we can accept happily, the beautiful things around us genuinely. 

A Commentary on the Video 

The video was both inspirational and motivating. It is inspirational because it will lead every individual to appreciate the little things of life, in order to achieve maximal happiness. On the other hand, it is motivating because it sets the stage of achieving happiness, in the individual’s perspective by starting with the basic ones, up to the most essential ones. The people watching this video will be in agreement if their thrust and purpose is to achieve the in-depth and long-lasting  meaning of happiness.

On the contrary, the people will be in disagreement while watching this video if their thrust and purpose is to base happiness only in the aspect of material wealth. Furthermore, some points to consider while watching this video is the history of the definition of happiness from various philosophers in the past, the point of view of different people in different walks of life on happiness, as well as the cycle of happiness that begins solely on one’s self.

Other Related Information as an Addition to the Featured Video 

Happiness is a choice. A choice that we human individuals decipher and discover as we continue to live our life daily. Thus, here are some 10 pivotal ways to achieve the simplest and heartwarming forms of happiness, on the basis of what other relevant articles say, in relation to the video placed in the limelight as follows: 

  1. Always keep and treasure a company of people who makes you smile.
  2. Always hold on firmly to your personally believed and lived out values. 
  3. Always accept, appreciate and see the good in everything that life offers to you. 
  4. Always imagine and look forward to the best that is yet to come in your life. 
  5. Never deprive yourself from doing things that you love the most. 
  6. Always find the purpose behind in everything that you do. 
  7. Always listen to your heart in making choices and options yet have your mind alongside with it in making decisions.
  8. Always push yourself to do more and be more for others. 
  9. Always be open and welcoming to change. It is the only permanent reality in this world. 
  10. Always bask in for life’s simple pleasures.