The High Price We Pay for Our Fear of Loneliness

Summary of the Video 

The documentary video explains in general the inevitable reality that individuals experience personally on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis that may even last for a lifetime, and that is the fear of loneliness. Humans as we are, we fear being left alone as we age throughout time. Fear of loneliness may result in the following scenarios; First, going home in the late afternoon or evening without someone welcoming you after a long day of work in your own home or apartment. Second,  spending your Sundays and holidays in agony without any companion beside you. And Third, eating breakfast and dinner without someone to talk to. 

All of these real-life situations lead the individual’s psychological instincts to look for a compatible partner wherein they view for themselves as someone whom they can spend the rest of their life with, and to completely abolish the fear of loneliness within them. And in relevance to that, a dilemma of conscious love and not so sure love is drawn in the individual’s mindset. To continue with, the documentary video showcased seven tenets on how individuals pay the high price to avoid the fear of loneliness. 

First, individuals who fear loneliness, are commonly known to make the wrong choices in selecting the people to keep company to spend time with. At times, they choose people whom they can get a privilege of relating with due to common interests, but more than the notions of thinking of the perspective that either this person is in line or in contrary to him or her. 

Secondly, individuals who are realistic in facing and dealing with life choices, are more susceptible to two realistic possibilities in life, either they are successful in finding their perfect partner in life or they end up being single and not finding someone that is a match for them. It is because of certain expectations that they set for themselves that influences them a lot in this life matter. 

Third, individuals who may have thought that they have not found the right partner for them is a bearable reality at the beginning, yet if it seems to be extensively wrong as the partnership continues, misunderstandings and conflicts are expected to transpire between the individual and its partner. These scenarios lead individuals to give no importance to the places that they have travelled into together, to the promising moments that they have shared together and to the successful events that they have reached together are placed in an ordeal of compromise. 

Fourth, individuals who pay the price of fearing loneliness, are led to think twice in having a relationship in terms of considering the dimensions of  slight fractiousness, tedium, cataclysmic, irritation, self-disgust, sexual misery, broken finances and excruciating loneliness that leads to the loss of the innate power of the individual to generate. These dimensions, if not greatly considered, may cause the established relationship to end inevitably. 

Fifth, individuals who think more of their own benefit, rather than his or her partner, in a case wherein a person is at the state of mercy for his or her fear of loneliness will end up to a lot of questioning. The companion involved in the relationship concerned is given the chance to think in advancement on what needs to be done with the relationship. 

Sixth, in a dilemma when either of the two individuals in a relationship is caught up to be saying that “I had enough”, it is more vital to remember that in this world, compatibility should still be testament to the spark of passion that was grounded in the establishment of the relationship in avoidance of doing tasks alone.

Seventh, it is beyond imagination for a person who fears loneliness to eat meals on his or her own, attend parties on his or her own, or visit a nephew and niece for their birthday by bringing gifts just on their own. These are perfectly done when someone is beside that person to understand and compensate for his or her weaknesses and works continuously to promote his or her strengths. 

On the other hand, single individuals brace themselves in a steadfast way of thinking and living amidst the educative pressures of overcoming their inhibitions to be involved in a relationship. In this way, their brave souls continue to inspire them in doing tasks at their own pace and achieving them simultaneously such as for example, going alone on a vacation, gardening alone, calling one’s parents’ alone to prepare a meal for them somehow, spending long weekends alone and doing some household chores alone. Yet despite that, happiness and contentment is still visible on these brave single individuals. With this on hand, the single individual achieves resilient competence, where in it, liberty and social discrimination lies within as contributing factors. 

Furthermore, for individuals who decide to enjoy their freedom singly, a feeling of having foregone a lot of opportunities may be experienced since they tend to focus a lot on self-development such as meeting someone in a party or while walking on the busy streets as examples. 

But despite that, individuals who prefer to be single does not need a companion, but envision only for themselves to find a person who can remind him or her that he or she is not alone, as well as a person who can distract him or her when it comes to thinking of a slightly painful matter or point of view in terms of questioning one’s purpose in life, career destination and other matters that will promote the individual’s personal development. 

The process of questioning will lead the individual to a state of not settling for mediocrity, restlessness, risking one’s pride, stopping one’s learning and of being greatly familiar with what his or her needs truly are in an essential state.

In order to correct this notion of fearing loneliness and for not paying its high price, individuals must think at a young age that there is nothing wrong within yourself if you prefer to be alone. Being alone means to be patient in waiting for the respective life milestone that will make the individual  successful and satisfied that will deplete that feeling and fear of loneliness. 

This in return will allow every individual to feel an innermost sense of community, a variety of interests, establishing deserved connections and a maximal feeling of attaining genuine peace within one’s self in the prospect of being alone as of the moment or even for a lifetime.

A Commentary on the Video 

The video is both relatable and life-changing. It is attributed as relatable because any individual who watches it will surely relate to its entirety in the aspect of addressing the fear of loneliness as an individual. On the other hand, it is attributed as life-changing, in the perspective wherein the video will surely employ a sense of urgency to its viewers that fear of loneliness should not hinder an individual to attain maximal satisfaction both in the premise of being single or being in a relationship. The people will be in agreement as they watch the video, in the dimension of seeing loneliness as part and parcel of living life. They will all agree that it is a reality that any person faces in the most literal sense in the period of aging. On the contrary, the people will also be in disagreement in the premise of the video wherein people who are in a relationship are more successful in life compared to those who are single. Definitely, that is not the case. 

Either way, both statuses can be successful depending on how the individual runs and lives his or her life to the fullest and optimal level that it can possibly be. In addition, some points to consider while watching this video is the psychological aspect behind it that loneliness can either be dealt with by the individual in a positive and negative point of view, the sustainability and longevity of a relationship in the realms of dealing and paying the high price of fearing loneliness, as well as on the continuous upliftment of the single individual’s soul with the hope of finding the right companion and partner for him or her or the other way around as to living life at its peak despite being alone. 

Other Related and Additional Information on the Video 

Other related articles and information that promotes the thrusts of the topic present in the video are narrowed down into the following 10 strategies in order to address the fear of loneliness are as follows: 

  1. Start a small talk with nearby people.
  2. Hang out with similarly like-minded people.
  3. Adapt an active and healthy lifestyle. 
  4. Jump online by involving yourself to self-awareness and self-development webinars. 
  5. Pump up your life plans for purposeful living. 
  6. Brace yourself in flying solo and singly in the context of soaring life to the fullest. 
  7. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper.
  8. Hang out with the company of pets. They are stress relievers and comfort buddies. 
  9. Involve yourself to voluntary and charitable works. 
  10. Ask for some family, friend and colleague support.