The Charms of Unavailable People

Summary of the Video 

The documentary video features the irresistible charms that unavailable people attain, which hooks available singles in all parts of the world regardless or race, culture, origin and belief. The reality of love is that a human being can either fall in love both in sight and in spark with different kinds of people from different walks of life, and in a variety of situations. You plead guilty with this reality about love, right? 

First, would be to an individual who is continentally far away from you. Second, would be to an individual who is married and firmly, has no intent of willfully leaving and separating from his husband or wife for that matter. Third, is to an individual who is about to die, due to an incurable medical condition, disease and sickness and spends his or her last days either in the hospital’s death bed or at the comforts of the home’s death bed. Fourth, would be to an individual that you know since birth, with whom you have a huge crush for, that may be available or not available, because they are currently involved in a relationship and with a partner. Fifth and lastly, would be to an individual with whom you had a drooling romance over a long holiday and vacation, yet separated and forgotten, just before you go on board to your booked 12-hour airline flight. 

All of the above mentioned situations have a common external denominator and that is, the external obstacles of love. This denominator contributes paradoxically, to the intense desire of an individual to love someone, given their present status and situations. As a presumption, people who are in love may come to think that the love that they have for a person is strong, and has the ability to surpass challenges. But little did they know that there are  weirder instances that are larger than this presumption because, the love that was built between the two consenting adults was improper for the real world to see, and also, love by nature can sometimes be unrequited and incomplete. 

Situations that are unrequited, which involves love can gain a lot of sympathy and can be treated as friends of true love. But in the long run, they tend to be such things for these situations involving two individuals who are in sabotage to promote that love despite the time difference and continental barrier that they experience are committed to not disappointing each other and in the long run, not to end in disappointment. It is the external obstacle that keeps them away from each other, thus lovers who are really in love with each other, find ways to remove that obstacle between the two of them. 

Whenever a person loves someone who is available, the feeling is truly flammable, that it results in trusting the person very much, and pouring unto him or her, the love he or she deserves. But when the time comes when that person leaves you because he or she might have fallen out of love with you, or may want to find someone else, the feeling of pain inside of you is excruciating, combined with a heart that you believe in, may fall into pieces. In addition, human individuals do not attain in totality, the history of varied psychological histories that are robust in leading us to deal with situations that involve the gain, building and giving of mutual trust in a relationship. 

The impact of being left alone by the one you truly love begins in childhood. If you were nurtured with innermost strength and steadfast love by your parents, the process of letting go is not that difficult to portray and handle. But if it is the other way around, the process of dealing with such separation will never be easy for you. On the other hand, the struggle is definitely real when you opt to love someone who is far away from you. Despite the friendship and greetings that your neighbor gives you in the adjacent apartment that he or she lives, you remain steadfast with that love by shutting down the chance and opportunity of meeting in person, that friendly neighbor of yours. 

The real challenge of falling in love does not settle and limit on the love that we feel for our married partner, or by remaining faithful to him or her despite the distance. It is that love that you commit to a person whom you do not know, and whom others do not know that you are involved with, lays the real challenge of being in love. In relevance to such, impossible relationships are built not because of mere infatuation, but because it was found and felt at the time when it was least expected because the knots of threats of being caught or being enveloped in fear are loosened evidently. 

Because of the evident reality of loving someone at the wrong time or at the wrong situation, the individual must be vividly careful in continuing that love in all instances, because a love that is kept as a secret, can never be kept forever as much as the two individuals would want to. Thus, the character of being careful and selective in loving someone, is an advantage for an individual that may lead to the possibility of finding the right person to love for a lifetime. Love is truly sweeter and romantic whenever we share it with the person whom we trust the most, whom we spend most of our time daily with, whom we can achieve and seek growth and maturity as the years roll by and lastly, whom we can cherish and treasure for a lifetime. 

A Commentary on the Video 

The video is both an instrument of relevance and a depiction of reality. It is an instrument of relevance because its content is the greatest reflection of what love truly is, both as a feeling and as a commitment intertwined between the mutual affectionate consent that two individuals feel for each other and that binds them together. 

On the other hand, it is also a depiction of reality because some individuals who are truly in love in the most literal sense are committed to make that love last for a lifetime, for the person that they intend to give and share it with. 

But in some cases, that is not applicable to those individuals who view love only for a short amount of time both as a gist and as a spur of the moment. With this point of view, they tend to fall out of love easily, and as a result, they end up in the relationship in comparison to a bubble that bursts easily when touched as a finish product of that specific relationship.

The people watching the video will be in agreement with the aspect that love can be felt and given, to the most unexpected individuals that we encounter personally in our lives. On the contrary, the people watching the video will be in disagreement, if the aspect of love is given to the unavailable individual as this love may result in eventually hurting someone in the process. 

Some points to consider with the context of the video at hand are the effects of loving an unavailable person, the differences of love given to the single individual and the love given to a committed individual, and finally, the demarcation line between love and trust as the main ingredients in building a successful and well-grounded relationship can be heavily dealt with both in the context and scope that the video is based, originated, drawn and emphasized within its pace. 

Other Relevant Information Gathered from Various Articles that are in Relevance to the Context of the Video

Having a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person is both a challenge and a struggle. For one, that person cannot reciprocate the love that you are giving to him or her. And in continuation, the person may be unfit to love you back unconditionally. Thus, as an aid to the viewers and individuals who may be clumped in a relationship such as this in specific, here are the 5 truths that you should keep in mind, if ever you decide on loving and being in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable person, with the basis of articles that are relevant to the content of the video as follows: 

  1. An emotionally unavailable person has the great tendency to mislead you in the language of love. 
  2. The emotionally unavailable person cannot change eventually together with time. 
  3. The emotionally unavailable person will never prioritize you and put you at the top of its list. 
  4. The emotionally unavailable person is always honest and straightforward wherever they stand both in the aspects of love and life. 
  5. The emotionally unavailable person does not obtain the purpose of living his or her life with you as an inspiration and driving force alongside with it. 

In conclusion, the decision is definitely yours to make if ever you would push through on having a relationship with this type of person in the entirety of your experience with love as a thriving individual.