Taking It One Day at a Time

A Summary on the Video

The documentary video shows the importance of doing and facing things and events in one’s life, one day at a time. Humans as we are, we are aware that in achieving a certain dream, it is expected that we are able to reach it after a long period of working, persevering, deciphering, and preparation until we finally make them a successful reality. These dreams, tasks, goals and targets may involve variously, the writing and completion of a novel, saving up to buy your very own dream house, change of career, the discovery of a suitable partner and a move to another country. In the process of attaining these goals, we might notice that as the time, days, months and years roll by, these may not seem to flourishly happen in an instant click of the thumb and in fast scroll of the fingertip. Realistically, life places us in a situation wherein things happen beyond our normal way of thinking, one day at a time. Example life-based scenarios are shared below in order to understand the concept of “taking it one day at a time”. 

The first example is, inevitably and unprecedentedly, a man might sadly get involved in a terrible car accident. Thus, the man’s time spent in the hospital is a longevity due to the curing and healing period of the bruises, wounds and injuries that he has obtained during the accident is highly needed. Thus, when he is asked how things are going, an easy but fitting reply that you will get from him is that things are taken lightly one day at a time. 

The second example is that, when a man reaches the age of 80 years old and he experiences an excruciating pain on his left knee, thus it was referred to a Physical Therapist for medication and operation purposes. In the period of treatment, healing and curing, the man is assisted by the Physical Therapist in making agile and simple steps in walking. Although the good aspect of it is that his mind is still functioning well, thus the performance of gardening and buying essentials in the market are still achieved as hobbies. When the man is asked for an instance by the market vendor as to how he is doing, an easy yet realistic response that is received from him is that things are taken lightly one day at a time. 

The third example is being a new parent. For instance, the newborn baby needed to undergo a blood transfusion due to unprecedented medical conditions that the baby has. The happy note and side of that is the whole blood transfusion process was successful. Thus, resulting in the home sweet home achieving milestones all for the tripart joint of the father, the mother and the child is vividly reached for the benefit of the newborn baby. However, nights may be rough because the baby might cry in the middle of the night, asking for the prescribed medication of the doctor and may be heavenly the next night, the day after because the baby slept well. This situation may result happily to the fulfillment of the goal, of walking the baby out of the house, seeing fully bloomed daffodils in the park as a grandiose opportunity. When asked by the people around on how the baby is doing, a beautiful and remarkable response of the mother and father would be, they are taking things lightly, one day at a time.

These life-based scenarios may happen to each and everyone of us. We may want it or not, the beauty behind these situations is that we get the opportunity to learn from them and in it are encapsulated beautiful teachings that we can bring with us for a lifetime. The one day at a time thinking reminds us that in many cases, our greatest enemy is the critical nectar of hope and a perplexing intense emotion that goes with it, leading to an eventual occurrence of impatience. 

Beating up our horizons on a daily and nightly basis of life situations may cause us greatly as a toll, but the best treatment to these situations is to take them not abruptly but lightly. On the contrary, a person who obtains a productive mood is an intensifying melodic melancholy wherein the individual beats the feeling of hate, anger and dissatisfaction in the dealing of time-based situations in life. This mood can be applied while taking in one day at a time the situations of handling for example a mental breakdown, reading a book, taking care of a baby or repairing a broken marriage. Taking these situations one day at a time, frees every individual from the fear of being so controlled with the uncertain future in the present time-being. 

It is definitely impossible for an individual to handle difficult situations in a given span of time. One thing that a person can be grateful for is that by night, arguments, problems and conflicts have not already transpired which gives him or her the time to breathe, relax, rejuvenate or read a few pages in the book he or she is interested with. Amidst life’s complications, it is still best to smile and to maintain a positive outlook of life with the assurance that everything will be alright in the long run. Rather than being negative to these situations, it is best that we are mindful that in our grasp, little things are present to cheer us up in the cycle that we call life. 

Furthermore, having a fresher take on things and imbibing a fresh energy will definitely sustain us in facing both life’s opportunities and challenges. As an example, a 22 year old young adult may consider the suggestions of others in terms of choosing a career, being involved in a romantic love and in deciphering political change. But nevertheless, as he ages, he will realize that these suggestions may lead to being a big hit on his face, when he makes final decisions on these aspects. 

Intimate relationships may experience its own set of problems, a gap between personal desires and arduous professional realities may transpire, a willingness to discover the continuous evolvement of the world may be of interest, and human wickedness may lead to the inductive application of folleys as a result of madness and extremity, but the best thing for us to do while facing these situations is that we should keep an optimistic view and hue of life’s in-depth natural beauty. 

This is achieved by not dealing with life’s distractions seriously, by not allowing insults to hamper your ambitions, by genuinely accepting the pleasures of life amidst its litany of troubles, by being able to bracket and brace oneself with life’s anxieties, by keeping self-criticism at bay, by attaining a small resting place of hope in a sea of disappointment, and by having a proper consolation of being ready for a morning to afternoon span of work can make us appropriately grateful with life as a whole. 

In conclusion, taking into light the events in the life of Vincent Van Gough, wherein he was admitted to the South Pole Mental Site, in the southern part of France in May of 1889 because of having lost his mind he resulted in cutting his own ear. As he began his stay in the mental facility, he spent most of his time laying down in bed at the dark side of his room. But after a few months, he decided to be strong amidst the faced situation, and went out in the garden of the facility. In there, he appreciated everything that he saw, from the trees that have achieved and are about to achieve growth, up to the caterpillar who is about to become a butterfly down to the rich bounty of blue Irish flowers that the garden contains. These picturesque scenic views inspired him to paint his first ever majestic painting of a vase filled with blue Irish flowers. The painting depicts an image of hope and growth amidst its struggle during the development process. As a whole, we must take things one step at a time in our life journey, because whatever happens to our lives, in a day that is upon reach with our hands, is a testament on how we take one day at a time. 

A Commentary on the Video 

The video is indeed a breath of fresh air because it allows us to reflect as individuals as to how we have been living our life at present. On the other hand, the video can also serve as an instant retreat for all of us because it gives us a point of reflection on how we can make baby steps to further into gigantic steps in making life at pace with our own personal initiatives and thrusts. The people will be in agreement while watching the video because the emphasis of the video’s context is to take things lightly one day at a time which is a connotation that life is more blissful if we live it purposefully. On the contrary, the people will be in disagreement with the video with its context if the viewers itself would want to live their life the way they usually do as a routine. In other words, if the viewer is too close-minded, then he or she would not appreciate in the long run, the content of the video. 

As a whole, the points to consider while watching the video is the association of procrastination with the aspect of taking time in one’s life, the relevance of one’s outlook of life with optimism and the in-depth need of growth amidst facing life’s various challenges and struggles. 

Other Relevant Information that can be Added to the Context of the Video 

Taking life one step at a time would mean that an individual is given the chance to live life in the context of his or her own choice, liberty and freedom. As a rejoinder and addition to the context of this video, on the basis of relevant articles, here are the 7 poignant reasons on why we need to take one step at a time in living our earthly life as follows: 

  1. Looking after the welfare of your own mind and body is beneficial to taking life one step at a time. 
  2. It is not advisable to live life in an autopilot manner and routine. 
  3. Always write and keep a journal, of your personal goals, ambitions, dreams and targets for yourself. 
  4. Avoid the habit of worrying daily about the “what ifs” of life. It may lead to regrets in the long run. 
  5. Plot and set achievable goals on a daily basis to achieve optimum personal growth and development. 
  6. Never miss out the opportunity of congratulating yourself for small things. 
  7. Always keep into your own mind and heart that we are only given that one precious chance and opportunity to live out a day in our lives.