5 Signs to End A Relationship

Romantic movies are misleading. We always see two individuals finding their way back to each other, fighting against all odds and obstacles, because of love. And maybe that’s why we adore fictional love stories and romantic-comedy films. They are able to give what real life can’t and for a moment, trick us that love is enough for a relationship to survive. 

However, the real life is not as kind as authors and scriptwriters and some couples have learned the hard way that love is the not sole reason for a relationship to continue. 

If you feel like a dent has been formed in your relationship and are looking for signs of whether or not to break up, here are telltale signs that you need to let each other go. 

No Trust

Trust is one of the most fundamental foundations of a relationship. And when it’s gone and you no longer trust each other anymore, it’s almost always a dead end. 

The obvious signs of loss of trust are questioning the other person’s motive, abilities, and reasons and doubting their actions, even a simple sweet gesture.

If the distrust is mutual, it can lead to more than just a break-up. It’ll trigger jealousy, anger, possessiveness, and other negative feelings that you didn’t you and your partner are capable of. If your relationship has reached this downturn, it might be better to part ways. 

Different Values

Each and every one of us has different values, different principles, and perspectives on certain topics. And that’s okay! No harm done if you think entirely different than the rest. However, when these values start to clash with your partner’s, it is a blinking red light for you and your relationship. 

All relationships reach a certain point of compromises and negotiations. But if the values are too different to ever agree on, it’ll cause a rift and struggle in the relationship. There will be situations where you’ll be forced to agree to an opinion you completely disagree with to avoid fights. And if you are not okay with that, it’s best to put an end to the relationship. 

Plans no longer involve them

No longer making plans with them in mind is, once again, your brain’s way of telling you that the sparks are no longer there and it might be time to let each other go. In simpler terms, you are mentally removing them from your life. 

We all make plans. It could be throughout the day, the next week, or the next month and when you are in a committed relationship, you are supposed to make every plan with them in mind. If not, that’s a major sign to end the relationship. 

And you might wonder, why? It’s just a plan, right? But the concept of this is when you are not making plans with the thoughts of your partner, you no longer consider them important or subconsciously, he’s no longer a permanent figure in your life. 

Thoughts of life with someone else

Everyone can daydream about a life with their favorite actors or actresses. There’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking! But it’s an entirely different thing if you are no longer interested in your current relationship and instead, is thinking of a life with someone else or anyone else, except your present partner. 

This isn’t the same as a pleasant daydream with your dream actor or with a beautiful supermodel. This is realistically daydreaming of someone who’s caught your attention and maybe someone with who you can seriously see your life with. It could be a co-worker with who you share the burden of work or an old college friend who’s been with you through taxing college days. 

If you’ve been having thoughts similar to this, it might be your brain telling you that you’ve long given up on your current relationship and it’s time to end it. 

Your partner has become a stranger

The final straw is the realization that your partner has completely become a stranger. All of a sudden, you don’t know them and all the ideals and dreams you once thought you share with them suddenly shifted into this unreachable delusion. 

You look at them and you realize that they are not the person you first fell in love with and you no longer see a future with them. If this is the case, it might be better to call it off. Think of this as saving yourself and this person in a lifelong dilemma of whether the years and memories you’ve shared together is still worth it.