Single and Happy: Perks of Being Single

Some people would define happiness as sharing enjoyable moments together with their significant others. This could be one of the reasons why being single equates to being alone or lonely. However, happiness should not be solely linked to committed relationships. Instead, happiness should depend upon ourselves. 

Being single is not a weakness but instead a strength of being patient to wait for the right one and the ability to take care of oneself. 

You can be single happily 

In a group of friends where you’re the only one without a partner, it can be easy to give in to the thought of being lonely and miserable without a significant other. But being single is not a bad thing and instead of being seen as the absence of a partner, it should be depicted as self-love and personal discovery. 

And while it’s true that having a significant other adds spice to life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that being single is any less beautiful. We’ve encountered a lot of people who are in serious and committed relationships who question what it would be like to be single again, just like you often think what it’s like being in a relationship. 

So don’t let people convince you that being in a relationship guarantees happiness and that being single means there is something wrong with you or your personality. Disregard negative and imposing comments about it and do what you want for yourself. 

Just because everyone is entering relationships, doesn’t mean you should too! 

Perks of Being Single

As the pressure of entering a relationship starts plaguing you when you are not ready yet, here are some benefits of being single to remind you that life is not that bad even without a partner. 

Multiple Support System

When you are in a relationship, you consider your partner as a valuable person where you share basically everything. A bad day at work, a good lunch out with friends, a terrifying memory of when you were a child, and even the little things you’ve done throughout the day. They are considered a reliable channel for emotions and feelings that are threatening to spill and maybe secrets you’ve kept. They know everything and they are always present. 

And when they leave, the feeling of being alone swallows you. But when you are single, you have numerous networks and channels to lean on, instead of being tied down to one person. 

Own Time

When you are single, your time is yours alone. You don’t need to make plans and adjust for one more person in your life and you could plan everything on a whim and cancel it without feeling bad for another party. No one will crash an already arranged schedule and you also don’t need to make time for activities you don’t want to do. 

Spend Money on Yourself

Love costs money, sometimes a lot, and being single means you have fewer financial responsibilities. This includes not shelling out cash on dates, Christmas gifts, Valentine’s day, birthdays, and anniversaries. When you are single, you are excluded from all of those and your credit card is yours alone to max out! 

Less Anxiety

Being in a relationship can make even the most oblivious person on Earth observant and sensitive. When your partner sends you a text saying, “Let’s talk later.” Best believe, you are going to spend the whole day wondering and tracing back memories. 

Did you do something wrong? Did you say something that might have hurt them? Are they going to break up with you? Or do they really just need to talk to someone? It could be one of these things or all of it and you’ll never know unless you talk to them. And those thoughts are going to eat you for the whole day. 

Being single has none of that. Sure, a friend or two might send you a text just like that but you’ll immediately know if something was wrong or they just really needed a friend to talk to. It doesn’t mean much but don’t you want to live life with fewer anxieties off your plate?