How to Simplify Your Life

A Summary on the Video

The documentary video is all about the effective tips on how to simplify the life of an individual. From the demands of parenthood that are centered on the welfare, comfort, safety, happiness and love for the baby, continuously to the demands of work, and up to the performance of house chores, daily life commitments and errands, our life is indeed a full pack, as we live it out daily in accomplishment, completion and compliance. However, with this desire that we have purposefully, in living and driving our vehicle of life, we tend to forget that humans as we are, we need to take a break and that we need to rest. The inability to rest, rejuvenate and relax, results in a mental collapse, stressful lifestyle and a hampered way of living for the individual who is always on the go, in order to justly respond to the expectations that society and its people set for us as individuals. Thus, the video shares, to its viewers, essential tips on how an individual can create a demarcation line in living life in a simpler thrust and uncomplicated manner. 

The first essential tip in simplifying life is; “Fewer People, Fewer Commitments”. It is considered to be a benefit for an individual to know a lot of people, but sometimes, it can be dangerous and toxic as well. In life, we can either be a slave or a free individual. If we choose to be a slave, then we would want to be preoccupied with everything that others ask from us in order to please them. But if we would want to live as a free individual, then we should disregard the practice of doing things just to please others. Thus, either if you are a businessman, a scholar, a traveller or an official, it is essential to work only on what is expected from you as an individual and not to go beyond it that may result in an eventual breakdown. As the adage says, “We can never serve two masters in one setting.” 

The second essential tip in simplifying life is the need to Sleep. Humans as we are, we need to sleep as a personal need. It is good and admirable to thrive and work hard. But depriving yourself from sleep is another story. We are psychologically required to sleep for 7 to 8 hours in order to develop a vigorous and well-rested aura for the next day to come. Thus, never ever skip the grandest opportunity of going to bed at night for a healthier and longer life ahead of you. 

The third essential tip in simplifying life is detachment  with Media. News, current events and happenings worldwide that are dreadful, horrendous and inhumane may take a toll in our individual mental health. With everything that is going on around the world, the best way to use media in simplifying life is to detach yourself from being too sorrowful and sympathetic with the other people living in this world that are in danger and harm. Rather, it is best to go on with life, doing your own specific and respective daily errands and responsibilities and being mainly informed is evidently enough. Doing this will contribute in the long run to your healthy mental state of mind. 

The fourth essential tip in simplifying life is Thinking. Humans as we are, we get anxious and worried even at the time when we rest and sleep at night. With this on hand, the goal of getting enough rest and sleep is not achieved. As a result, the human individual’s attention is divided. In order to simplify life in our way of thinking, we must take into consideration the three tenet questions of anxiety. First, what is making you anxious, second, what pain is causing you to be anxious and third is what makes you excited in order to forego anxiety. Thus, it is essential for every human being to pause for a while, and think deeply through the process of sifting even just for a minute of two. Sifting would mean doing first what is most important at the time being and doing last what is least needed. 

The fifth essential tip to simplifying life is handling Expectations. It is an added plus in life to be famous, extraordinary and world-beating. But at the end of the day, being sane and kind matters a lot to every individual concerned who lives life to what is only expected from him or her. Living life in a simple manner, gives the individual the opportunity to devoid one’s self from being so famous, to restructure priorities and to avoid backing out from challenges. These are ways on how to handle expectations in simplifying life. 

In conclusion, a little quiet time allows every individual to ponder that there are a lot of things that simply matter such as Family, Health, Friends, and Nap, to mention a few in life, more than the manic madness of people that we join in walking on the busy streets, the high buildings with well-lit offices that we work in, and to be on the spotlight that may lead to fame. These simple things create the perfect ingredients that are needed for the simple bowl of life. 

A Commentary on the Video 

The video is indeed a wakeup call for the busy individual. At times, we may be busy in meeting work deadlines, completing life essentials and leveling to performance expectations, but in the end, we are left with the tendency to enjoy the simple things that life can offer. On the other hand, the video is also a refreshing dew that can be gained from the early morning mist. It is because we get to appreciate life in totality through this video for the reason that enough is always better than beyond. The people who will view this video will be in agreement with the premise that points on, Simplicity in Life is far better in emphasis, in comparison to the extravagance beneath it. On the other hand, the people who will view this video will be in disagreement, most especially for those who view life as equitably essential with work and material things. The views and opinions of the workaholics and materialistic individuals may differ greatly in disagreement in respect to what they believe in with the video’s content. Some points to consider about the video is the lighter perspective of life, the simple treasures of life and the innate beauty of life as mentioned partly and partially in the video’s context as a whole. 

Other Added Information that are Relevant to the Video’s Content 

Simplifying life will always depend on the individual’s ability, determination, commitment and power to do so. Life is always beautiful when everything is done with ease, freedom, order and unison. In addition to the 5 essential tips that were mentioned in the video, here are the 10 most poignant things that contribute to the simplification of life, on the basis of what other relevant articles prove and show as follows: 

  1. The Individual’s Simple Possessions.
  2. The Individual’s Time Commitments.
  3. The Individuals Personal Goals.
  4. The Individual’s Eradication of Negative Thoughts. 
  5. The Individual’s Condition of being Debt-Free.
  6. The Individual’s Careful Choice of Words.
  7. The Individual’s Healthy Selection of Food Choices. 
  8. The Individual’s Responsible Use of Mobile and Digital Screen Time. 
  9. The Individual’s Minimal yet Personable Connections around the world. 
  10. The Individual’s Ability to Multitask. 

All of these contribute to the multi-colors of the simple life of the simple individual in his or her life story in this world.