How To Be Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

Some people dread long-distance relationships while for others, it’s the only option and they take what they can get. LDRs are never easy and even couples who’s been in one for a long time often find themselves worrying about commitment, trust, and loyalty. But that doesn’t mean all long-distance relationships end on a bad note. 

And while it’s true it is a test of love and commitment, it is also an awakening journey that’ll lead you to discover your own happiness, as an individual and together with your partner. 

If thoughts of a doomed long-distance relationship plague your mind before it can even begin, here are helpful tips and ways to be happy while you are in one. 

Know that you (and your partner) has a life to live

A long-distance relationship is infinitely bearable when your life doesn’t revolve around your partner and vice versa. It is important to realize that your life is just as important as your romantic relationship and that you are your own person. 

Stay faithful and loving to your partner, all the while discovering new things that’ll keep you fulfilled and satisfied even when you are alone. You can learn a new hobby to keep yourself occupied and indulge in activities that’ll help you be the best version of yourself. 

Worrying and longing for your partner who lives on the other side of the world is normal but don’t let negative thoughts pull you down. 

Rely on a strong support system

A long-distance relationship can have the most difficult days. The possible love of your life is nowhere near you but you need to remember that romantic love is not the only kind of love present in this world. One of the best things you can do if you are in a long-distance relationship is to surround yourself with a strong support system that can pump you with other types of love. Familial and friendly love can offer reassurance and remind you that there are other people who will love you unconditionally. 

Avoid unresolved arguments

Unresolved arguments can weaken a couple who’s close to each other, what more if you are in a long-distance relationship? 

Arguing when you are miles apart is tough and difficult. The distance makes it hard to express what you really feel without coming out as angry and irritated. However, no matter how big or small the argument is, no matter how hurt you or your partner are, do everything that you can to fix the misunderstanding. 

Don’t let your issues pile up and always resolve them immediately. Remember, communication is key. 

Celebrate the special days

Even when you are apart, don’t forget to remember the special days, such as anniversaries and birthdays, you share as a couple. Take the time out and make an effort to celebrate. Remember, online date counts! 

These special days makes the time you are away from one another less lonely. And by sparing a time out of your schedule to celebrate these, you are showing that even miles apart, you remember your promises. 


Being physically away from each other means not being able to relate to them most of the time. But ask anyway. Ask them about their day, even the simplest of questions such as what they had for lunch or dinner. 

Listen to their stories, even if it’s boring, redundant, or unrelatable. What’s important is your presence and being able to make your partner feel like you are with them every single day. 

Plan something special

For the day that you get to be in each other’s arms again, plan something special to commemorate the day. Maybe book a trip with just the two of you and travel to beautiful places? Talk about everything and anything over a romantic dinner? 

It doesn’t have to be grand but what’s important is that you get to be with them. Tell them everything you want to say and make every moment count.